Balai Helena

Follow your life’s joys, passions, and desires. Find your way to a new kind of living. BE in the heart of Panglao.
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Balai Helena

Follow your life’s joys, passions, and desire. Find your way to a new kind of living. BE in the heart of Panglao.
For Announcement Purposes Only




Whether you’re longing for a home that inspires or you simply want to escape the hustle of the city, you can find your way to a new kind of living at Balai Helena–the heart of Panglao.

More than being located in the heart of an island paradise, Balai Helena sets itself apart for its commitment to sustainability, as well as showcasing the artistry and unique beauty of Filipino design.

Balai Helena goes beyond just being an island home. It’s cradled in stunning natural surroundings while situated at the center of an island paradise that continues to embrace sustainable progress.

Find the life you’ve always longed for in the heart of Panglao at Balai Helena.

  • No. of Towers3
  • No. of Floors9
  • StatusPre-Selling


A collection of four distinct amenity areas within Balai Helena, Tugkaran is designed to nurture a sense of community and promote interactions between neighbors. Inspired by the essence of a traditional Filipino backyard, these areas create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere where residents can easily connect.


Kiddie Pool, Lap Pool,
Wading Pool


Clubhouse, Function Hall,
Fitness Gym


Work and
Community Spaces

Building Features

Sky Yarden

The Sky Yarden allows you to relish the beauty of the outdoors in a space comfortably perched at the upper levels of the residences.

Property type

  • Total Units4
  • Floor Area63.35 sqm
  • Storey1
  • Bedroom2
  • T&B1

2 Bedroom

Spacious two-bedroom units that serve as a gift of serenity and designed to let you experience a unique kind of resort-style living.


Property type

  • Total Units7
  • Floor Area42.35 sqm
  • Storey1
  • Bedroom2
  • T&B1

1 Bedroom

Relaxed yet spacious, these one-bedroom units redefine what a home should be, right in heart of Panglao Island.

Property type

  • Total Units18
  • Floor Area31.67 sqm
  • Storey1
  • Bedroom1
  • T&B1


The studio flats masterfully unify space, movement, and light—a fusion of cozy dwelling and meaningful enjoyment.

Property type

  • Total Units145
  • Floor Area21 sqm
  • Storey1
  • T&B1



Brgy. Dao, Dauis, Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines

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“Dayon” (Welcome) – Experience a place where you can feel the warmth of friendly hugs all around, like a cozy embrace welcoming everyone to create unforgettable moments together.
“Tapok” (Gather) – Inspiring spaces that allow like-minded souls to gather, to weave their magic and nurture friendships, relationships, and meaningful connections.
“Obra” (Work) – Distinctive spaces for creating, inspiring, and collaborating. It’s where work becomes play and play becomes meaningful.
“Duwa” (Play) – Let the body recharge and the mind frolic. Let kids explore their boundless energy in this specially designed space that encourages movement and discovery.

“Dagan” (Run) – A five-station outdoor active area where you can level up your fitness activity. Each jog station has exercise drills to complete before moving on to the next.

Emilia Hall – Whether hosting an intimate soirée or a grand celebration, Emilia Hall is the sophistication, promising cherished moments and memories to last a lifetime.

Fitness Stairs – Enjoy the scenic mountain views while engaging in challenging and efficient workouts on our vertical fitness stairs.

“Duwa” (Play) – Give yourself a chance to rejuvenate your body and mind. Let your kids unleash their boundless energy and desire to play in this specially designed space that encourages movement and freedom.

“Obra” (Work) – A space for creating, inspiring, and collaborating. Charging stations and well-equipped working tables allow for productivity in a relaxed, well-thought-out setting.

“Dayon” (Welcome) – Where warm embraces fill the air, inviting guests to embark on unforgettable moments together.
“Tapok” (Gather) – Imagine a gathering of kindred spirits, where people come together, letting the gentle sea breeze weave connections and foster friendships and relationships.
Gym – Elevate your fitness journey in a space that seamlessly blends state-of-the-art equipment with sophistication, ensuring every workout is an experience of both body and soul.
Lounging Area – This space is designed to immerse you in tranquility, where every detail is created to let you unwind, recharge, and stay in the moment.
Reading Lounge – Seek solace with a classic novel or engage in quiet contemplation. The Reading Lounge beckons with an ambiance that is both luxurious and timeless.

Kiddie and Lap Pools Discover a workout oasis designed for achieving your fitness goals. These redefine family fun and personal wellness, making every dip a memorable one.

“Dayon” (Welcome) – Where smiles and embraces abound. Designed for endless fun, this oasis provides a perfect space for people of all ages to splash and play under the sun.

“Duwa” (Play) – Refresh one’s body and mind. Unleash your children’s thirst for play in this breezy playground with a 360-degree view of Punta Engaño.

“Obra” (Work) – Create, inspire, and collaborate. In the age of work from anywhere, charging stations and working tables ensure utmost productivity while you relish breathtaking views.

“Tapok” (Gather) – A meeting of hearts and minds, where one gathers with others as the cool sea breeze nurtures friendships and relationships.

“Lakaw” (Walk) – A walkway that connects all five buildings. A path where you can take a stroll without the hassle of going out from where you live.