BE Residences introduces first-in-Cebu Condominium-Subdivision Housing

BE Residences in Lahug unveiled its Condovision, a modern housing unit that combines the convenience of a condominium with the space and feel of a subdivision, on February 8, 2024 specifically at St. Lawrence St. in Central Lahug, Cebu City.

It’s a marriage between a condominium and a subdivision. So it gives you the warmth and comfort and everything you find in a home, but at the same time it gives you the convenience, the security, and everything you find in a condominium.

Grand Benedicto

Chief Executive Officer of BE Residences.

This first-of-its-kind premium living space in Cebu is not only their largest unit offering but also their solution to home owners torn between purchasing a condominium and a house and lot.

“It’s a marriage between a condominium and a subdivision. So it gives you the warmth and comfort and everything you find in a home, but at the same time it gives you the convenience, the security, and everything you find in a condominium,” said Grand Benedicto, the Chief Executive Officer of BE Residences.Front of BE Residences’ Condovision UnitAllotted parking space for Condovision owners

The Condovision is a two-storey unit seemingly like a house inside the 20-floor BE Residences Lahug building, which offers great features integrating life-smart technology catering to every family’s comfort. 

It has three bedrooms, including a master bedroom with an en suite and walk-in closet. It also has a separate maid’s quarter for the household helpers in close proximity to the pantry and kitchen in case of immediate needs. A spacious living room and dining area also await in a monochromatic and earthly aesthetic fit for the family.Condovision Living RoomOne of the bedrooms of CondovisionMasters bedroom walk-in closet

Nova Noval, the BE Group of Companies’ Chief Operating Officer (COO), stated that the Condovision Unit is the result of BE Residences goal of uplifting the lifestyle of the Cebuano people through their core values of flexibility and creativity.

“This unit showcases that core value, showing a flexible environment. What you can see inside is a canvas because it’s for us to be able to play and have [our] vision of art for the interiors,” said Gladys Bacordio-Gabon, the Head of Design, in approval of Noval’s statement.

Emphasizing the subdivision-living feel, every Condovision also comes with two guaranteed parking spaces for a price that is 40–50% lower than other nearby condominiums in the area, despite being in close proximity to the IT Park. 

Available Leasable Storage Rooms

Leasable Storage Rooms at BE Residences Lahug

Leasable Storage Rooms at BE Residences Lahug

Another feature of BE Residences’ Lahug location is the leasable storage rooms situated on the 2nd floor of the building, perfect for items that may no longer fit your space but still have value to you, such as memorabilia and important items.

These storage rooms may be leased for long-term or short-term use but may not be utilized as a lodging space or storage for perishable goods such as foods.

The area also observes strict security measures and implements a smoke-free environment.   

Other fresh spaces at BE Residences

With direct access to lifestyle amenities such as the swimming pool, a sauna, and a mini playground, BE also introduces its Garden Suites and Maisonette units.

The Garden Suites are perfect for plantitos and plantitas as they come with a small section of space for gardening and planting. The Maisonette, on the other hand, is a gated 3-storey unit with two bedrooms and an area for doing laundry.Mini play area for Kids at BE Residences LahugSwimming poll of BE Residences in Lahug

To top it all off, owners of the Garden Suites, the Maisonettes, and the Condovisions will have access to an exclusive elevator that helps ease foot traffic in the elevators.

BE Residences, a subsidiary of BE Group, offers a roster of housing options for the family. 

For additional queries and viewing requests, you may contact BE Residences Lahug via email at or through the establishment’s official Facebook page, BE Residences Lahug.

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