First High-Rise To Rise In Cordova

The municipality of Cordova, the only other municipality in Mactan Island and now a mere 36-minute drive to downtown Cebu City, is showing great promise for developers and investors. A recent spate of infrastructure developments underscore this fact and points towards even more exciting things to come in the former sleepy fisherman’s town.

One of the biggest developments to take place in the municipality is a collection of low- to mid-rise residential buildings by premier developer BE RESIDENCES. Named Balai by Be Residences, the homegrown brand promises a mix of modern amenities and true Filipino warmth in the first-ever masterplanned development in Cordova.

Located along Babang 2 Road in Cordova, minutes away from schools and commercial establishments and just five minutes from the newly built Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway, the condominium residence sits on 8,051 sqm. of land spread out across five buildings. But what sets Balai Cordova apart from other developments are two things. First, its dedication to timeless Filipino design in both its exteriors and interior spaces. Standing in stark contrast to most other high-rise buildings that either are wrapped all in glass or are concrete behemoths, Balai pays homage to Filipino aesthetics by integrating traditional elements in its construction. An abundance of earth and wood tones provides a sense of warmth, while a facade of interlocking diagonal panels call to mind basketweaves, not unlike the nipa walls of a bahay kubo. The overall design concept allows Balai Cordova to simultaneously stand out from the community but also seamlessly blend in to the landscape.

But the highlight of any Balai development, including this one in Cordova, is its ample spaces not just to live in but also to simply live.
Balai takes its residents back to the days of living carefree in one’s neighborhood, with its thoughtful amenities that enable an active and engaging lifestyle. Take Duwa, for example, which is an elevated playground and garden for children. Or for a rush of adrenaline, there’s Dagan, a five-station exercise area with multiple stops. And there’s Lakaw, an expansive walking trail that connects all five buildings, so you can take in the view and the air from high above.

All these, as well as modern features that make condo living truly convenient—like high-speed elevators (two per tower), round-the-clock security, backup generators, and WIFI connectivity—make a compelling case for moving in ASAP. But true to Be Residences’ promise to bringing modern resort living closer to the common Filipino, Balai Cordova offers these units at extremely affordable rates. Each unit, from the Studio to the Sky Yarden, comes at competitive rates without compromising its quality features.

The rise of Balai Cordova comes at no better time than now, when Cordova is experiencing unprecedented growth. In 2022, the CCLEX was officially opened to the driving public, cutting travel time from mainland Cebu to Cordova to a third, allowing more growth for business in the area. What used to be a two-hour commute to the core of metro Cebu is now a little more than a half hour thanks to the 8.9 km expressway.

More excitingly, Cordova, formerly a land of swamps and mangroves and fishing villages, will soon become a playground for pleasure seekers and entrepreneurs alike, with a 254-ha reclamation project being developed that will house shops, government offices, a convention center, and even a cruise ship port. And just this month, the well-loved Bantayan Bay, a delight for both foodies and locals, will be reopened after a lengthy rehabilitation program.

A home in such a promising and bustling place like Cordova can be the best thing you can invest in today. And with the first condo community in the area by a brand like Balai by Be Residences, you can be assured of a quality home unlike any other.

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